2051 Paper On Top Of His Game With “Even”

Rising hip hop artist 2051 Paper shares “Even” with his audience, a new song that embodies the best of 2051 Paper and his talent. The skilled rapper is on top of his game once again, following the release of his singles “OODLES & NOODLES”, “Aggravated”, and others. Quite the versatile artist, 2051’s influences are also very diverse, which reflects in his art as a synthesis of various rapping styles and lyricisms. “Even” is another major step for 2051 Paper, who is on the path of firmly establishing his name in the game. 

2051 Paper is from East Hampton in East Atlanta, Georgia. He is a part of the new generation of local talent that display the raw trap and street music of hip-hop culture. 2051 Paper’s collaboration with Baby Boy and Lil Crack on a joint track called “Lace ‘Em Up” made some noise as another legendary piece with hundreds upon thousands of listeners, and 2051 Paper is fast on his way of making it big with several songs lined up for release!