217Vinci Lays It On The Line In New Music Video For “Memories”

Emerging singer-songwriter and Hip Hop artist 217Vinci tells it like it is in his most recent single “Memories.” The track reflects the Boston native’s thoughts on his community and comes with an accompanying video produced by Clip Films. The visuals are mostly shot at a laundromat and feature the rapper in his most authentic self.

“Memories” follows a powerful storyline where 217Vinci tackles the shooting incidents that happen on the streets every day. The rapper pours his anger, rage, and dismay into his lyrics: “Too many memories we jumped in the streets too early yeah/ Face shot he got blood in his eyes/ I know you can’t see it’s too blurry/ We out here we ain’t trippin’ we ain’t worried.”

217Vinci kicked off his career in 2021 with the three-track EP Crack Baby which included “Ray Charles,” “Dissapear,” and ‘Weird Hoes.” In 2022, he shared standalone singles like “Hunnit Steppas,” “Back End,” “Hottest In My City,” “Extended,” Ft. Baby Hot, “Thinking,” “Demons,” and “Navy Blue.” 

In his newest single “Memories,” 217Vinci expresses his concern and takes a somewhat factual approach to tell his own personal story and experiences. “If I’m outside and you outside then why tf you think it’s safe,” says the rapper, who keeps losing his loved ones to the bullets and self-destructive and unsafe behavior. 

Watch the official video for “Memories” here:

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