A fan has recreated Blink-182’s ‘All The Small Things’ video as a LEGO set

A fan of Blink-182 has created a custom Blink-182 LEGO set based on the band’s video for their 2000 single ‘All The Small Things’.

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You can see pictures of the set below, which was created by a fan via the LEGO ideas page. Fans are able to vote for the design to potentially be turned into an actual product by the company.

It features the band, a jet plane and a number of other characters from the original video recreated in LEGO form.


LEGO Blink 182


The original video was filmed at the Van Nuys Airport and at Santa Monica State Beach, and featured parodies of the era’s biggest pop artists including Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera among others.

It’s not the first music to receive a LEGO makeover on the site. Last year, Rammstein endorsed a fan’s replica of their famously ambitious live shows.

“The scenes can be modulated according to your taste and there is a functional elevator to say goodbye to the public at the end of the concert. I create them to remind me of the good times spent at the concert when we didn’t have this disease hanging around hoping that soon all this will be behind us,” wrote the set’s creator.


Last week, meanwhile, Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker teamed up with Avril Lavigne as she performed her recent single ‘Love It When You Hate Me’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Blackbear-featuring track appears on Lavigne’s seventh studio album, ‘Love Sux’, which was released last Friday (February 25) via Barker‘s label DTA Records. Barker also co-produced the song, among other cuts on the LP.