Adele reveals which Lady Gaga song she thinks is the “best karaoke song”

Adele has revealed what she thinks is the best karaoke song ever while answering fan questions during a recent show.

The Tottenham-born singer has been performing at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace during her ‘Weekend With Adele’ residency. Earlier this month (July 1), a video surfaced from one of her recent concerts in the series where she answered a fan’s question about what her go-to karaoke song is.

At first, the record-breaking star mentioned that she normally sings ‘Proud Mary’ by the late Tina Turner. She then told a tale from her 35th birthday party, saying that her friends suggested karaoke, but she was reluctant because she was “on vacation” and “wanted to rest.”


“But, after four solid hours of karaoke, do you know what’s the best karaoke song to do? ‘Bad Romance’ by [Lady] Gaga. ‘Ra ra ah ah ah, roma ro ma ma’ – it’s so much fun and everyone goes wild.” She ended the comment with a relatable joke, saying, “When she starts singing in French, I’ve got no idea what she’s saying.”

While doing her residency, Adele also commented on the missing Titan submersible, asking the crowd if they’d go to the ocean floor to see the Titanic wreckage or go to space. In response to the crowd’s unwillingness to go, she said, “I wouldn’t do it either, but only because I’m a bit of a pussy. I’m a scaredy cat of everything.”


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Elsewhere, Sylvester Stallone revealed that Adele had to keep a Rocky-inspired statue in order to buy his home. Meanwhile, the BRIT Award winner was included on the Sunday Times Rich List, which reveals some of the richest Brits under 35. Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles were also on the list.

In April, Adele was the last-ever Carpool Karaoke guest on the final episode of The Late Late Show with James Corden. In the chat, Corden alluded to how the online scrutiny he faces as The Late Late… host affected him whilst talking about the emotional ’30’ album track ‘I Drink Wine’, which Adele said was inspired by a chat she had with him on holiday.