aespa bring the ‘Drama’ in the music video for their new single

K-pop girl group aespa have released the music video for their new single, ‘Drama’.

The music video for ‘Drama’ finds the girl group returning to Kwangya, the virtual world that was first introduced in the girl group’s debut single ‘Black Mamba’. It also features thrilling action sequences and sleek dance scenes.

“I bring Drama-ma-ma-ma / With my girls in the back / Girls in the back (Drama) / Trauma-ma-ma-ma / I break Trauma-ma-ma-ma / With MY WORLD in the back / It starts with me, Drama,” they sing on the song.


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‘Drama’ is the title track of aespa’s fourth mini-album of the same name. The project also inclues new songs such as ‘Trick or Trick’, ‘Don’t Blink’, ‘Hot Air Balloon’ and ‘You’.

Notably, ‘Drama’ also features ‘YOLO’, which aespa performed for the first time at their ‘SYNK: Hyper Line’ concerts in Seoul back in February, as well as recent English-language single ‘Better Things’.

‘Drama’ is the girl group’s second release of 2023, following their third mini-album ‘MY WORLD’ and its title track ‘Spicy’ in May. In a four-star review of ‘MY WORLD’, NME’s Rhain Daly said that the project was an “exciting addition to the aespa canon, showing their versatility and helping the quartet make a bid for main pop girl status”.

Last month, aespa appeared in a Rolling Stone video where the group and American singer Grimes interviewed one another about their music. During the interview, aespa leader Karina commented that while some “other K-pop groups” often fight among themselves, the quartet “work well together”.


SBS Star later reported that the singer’s comments have received mixed reactions among K-pop fans, with some netizens in Korea saying that she was “wrong to let that out in an interview”, while others said that the singer “must have seen some things. She’s just saying that aespa isn’t like that.”