Alkaline Trio announce first new album in six years, ‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’

Alkaline Trio are set to return with a new album, ‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’.

The Matt Skiba-fronted band are set to return with the follow-up to ‘Is This Thing Cursed?’ on January 26 via Rise Records, marking their first release in six years.

Speaking about the album and its attention-grabbing title track, Skiba said in a press release: “My mom worked for years as an emergency room nurse. She and her co-workers referred to exceptionally busy nights as ‘blood, hair, and eyeballs’. Well, we’ve been busy making an exceptional record we refer to as ‘Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs’, too.


“We approached this new record in completely new ways,” he added. “We built the songs together, from the ground up, in the same room which hasn’t happened since the band started. Usually, we start with an idea somebody’s already written. This time, we had the unique opportunity to build the songs onto drums recorded at Studio 606 onto two-inch tape using one of the most beautiful-sounding and legendary consoles in rock. It has almost everything to do with how our new record sounds.”

The band have offered a taste of the new record in the form of its title track, which is accompanied by a music video featuring a skate park being overtaken by zombies.

Check it out below:

[embedded content]

Speaking of the ‘Blood, Hair, and Eyeballs’ video, bassist and vocalist Dan Andriano said:  “Sometimes the full circle nature of life is enough to just completely blow my mind…this is one of those times! Skateboarding is my first love, my favourite sport, and a community through which I was first introduced to punk rock.

“So when Matt and I read Ravi’s idea to combine the two and throw some spooky zombies in there we both loved it right away. The work Ravi and the entire production crew put in was insane and it shows.  To kick off our 10th album release with this super fun video featuring Steve Caballero, Chris Cole, Ace, Corey and Shea is so much more than a dream come true, it’s true love. This is not a phase.”


‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’ is the last to feature Alkaline Trio’s former drummer Derek Grant, who left the band earlier this year because the “demands of a touring band have become increasingly difficult in previous years”.

The ‘Blood, Hair And Eyeballs’ tracklist is:

  1. ‘Hot For Preacher’
  2. ‘Meet Me’
  3. ‘Versions Of You’
  4. ‘Bad Time’
  5. ‘Scars’
  6. ‘Break’
  7. ‘Shake With Me’
  8. ‘Blood, Hair, And Eyeballs’
  9. ‘Hinterlude’
  10. ‘Broken Down In A Time Machine’
  11. ‘Teenage Heart’