Allcapskiel Presents Debut Album Speed Demon Including “Credit Crash” & “No Mercy”

Allcapskiel, the Trinidad and Tobago-born rapper also known as Caps, has finally released his long-awaited debut album, Speed Demon. This record showcases his latest singles “Credit Crash” and “No Mercy,” accompanied by their music videos, directed and shot by Beenmawbin. With a passion for hip hop, the emerging talent began his musical journey at a young age, eventually making his way to the United States. Currently, he splits his time between the vibrant neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Chester, further honing his skills as a versatile artist, producer, and musician.

Speed Demon comprises a total of 15 tracks, including notable titles like “Which Is It,” “Nun To Prove,” “Hit The Wall,” “Its Love,” “Pick Up,” “Covered That,” and “Lol.” By delving into timeless themes such as love, substance abuse, existence, and friendships, the album prompts listeners to contemplate their own choices and actions. With each song, Allcapskiel delivers moments of profound transformation. Rooted in his personal journey, this introspective project mirrors the artist’s own encounters and serves as a transformative force.

One track that shines prominently is “Credit Crash,” a fearless expedition into Allcapskiel’s deepest desires and aspirations. Through its evocative lyrics, the song captures a sense of solitude, underscoring the absence of a nurturing circle. With a gritty and self-assured delivery, the rapper showcases his unwavering determination to transcend limits and pursue his dreams relentlessly. This audacious and vibrant release encapsulates the hunger and ambition of a rising artist on the cusp of greatness.

“No Mercy” bursts onto the scene portraying Allcapskiel’s pursuit of power and leadership. With compelling phrases like “Grind like me, I’m diligent” and “Money tall where it begins,” the artist boldly crowns himself as a king, swiftly dismissing anyone who dares impede his path. This anthemic track exudes an unyielding aura of confidence, leaving no room for leniency or mercy in its wake.

Through the remarkable album Speed Demon, Allcapskiel provides a profound glimpse into the essence of human existence. As an exceptional hip hop talent, he fearlessly forges ahead, making audacious strides that showcase his unique style and unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries. 

Listen to Speed Demon below: