Ayri Teases Upcoming Album Including Recent Single “Shake”

One of the rising stars of the Latin Pop scene, Ayri, has dropped her latest “Shake,” a love elixir that effortlessly blends dance, passion, and excitement. She has crafted a musical journey that uplifts listeners, encouraging them to let go of negativity and embrace the rhythm and celebration. The US-based singer presents a lively and energetic track that reflects her unique style, diverse musical influences, and radiates pure joy, serving as the perfect mood-booster for those seeking a brighter day.

In the lyrics, Ayri radiates confidence as she boldly declares her love, “Been around the world boy and I’ve been back again/ Knew we would be lovers before we ever met/ Had my eyes set on you/ You got a hold on me/ Lock me in your arms now/ I don’t want to be free.”  She showcases her impeccable vocal skills, singing, “I can’t just shake you boy ya boy ya so deep/ Can’t shake you all in my dreams/ Wouldn’t wanna be away too long cause I need/ Wanna shake/ Wanna shake.”

During a recent interview, Ayri unveiled the captivating themes and melodies that will define her highly anticipated upcoming album, saying: “Our highly skilled team excels at creating unique and innovative sounds that will keep fans’ positive hearts pumping. We are continuously fusing different musical styles with new instruments to deliver fresh beats that excite and inspire. Maintaining authenticity is paramount in our music; therefore, we only sing about topics we believe in and feel an emotional responsibility towards our audience.”

She added: “It is essential for an artist to represent themselves authentically through their music to maintain their credibility with their fans. My goal is for my music to become a tool for women to seduce any man they desire, while also serving as an attractive and sensual anthem that allows them to shake off negative emotions and embrace positivity. I aim to create an irresistible “love cocktail” or “love machine” that blends dance, passion, and fun.”

Ayri finds her creative spark in rich global rhythms and melodies, drawing inspiration from Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. Her musical influences span across renowned contemporary icons such as Madonna, Michael Jackson, Rihanna, Adele, and Selena Gomez. The upcoming album promises not only the already released hits “Shake,” “La La La (Luv U),” and “Distance,” but also an exciting lineup of epic new singles.

Listen to “Shake” below:

Watch the music video here: