Bebe Rexha asks fans not to throw phones as she returns to stage

Bebe Rexha asked fans to not throw phones at her as she made her return to the stage after being in the face by a mobile device last weekend.

On Sunday (June 18), the pop singer’s headline show at New York’s rooftop venue Pier 17 was brought to a halt after she was struck in the face by a fan’s phone.

The moment was captured on camera, with videos circulating on social media showing an audience member hurling the device which hit Rexha in the face before she dropped to her knees.


Im okay you guys ?

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Crew members immediately rushed to help the singer, and it was later revealed that she was seen by a medic and given stitches above her eye.

Returning to the stage at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Tuesday (June 20), the pop singer asked crew to tidy up the stage wiring because she almost “ate shit like three times”, joking that she “can’t get another bruise”.

In a video shared to social media by radio station Q102 Philly, Rexha can be heard asking the crowd: “Are we going to have a good show tonight? Yes we fucking are.”

She then added: “Just no phones on my face tonight, please, I beg of you.”


Since the incident on Sunday, it’s been revealed that the man who hurled the phone – a a 27-year-old male was who reportedly arrested by New York City police – claimed that he did so because he thought it would be “funny”.

As per a report by Rolling Stone, The Manhattan District Attorney’s office confirmed that the alleged assailant, Nicolas Malvagna, confessed to throwing the phone but explained that he did it as a joke. “I was trying to see if I could hit her with the phone at the end of the show because it would be funny,” he reportedly said.

Elsewhere, Bad Bunny recently addressed his decision to throw a fan’s phone after they attempted a selfie with him.