Billie Eilish speaks on becoming more outgoing since rise to fame: “I’m more comfortable in it”

Billie Eilish has revealed that she’s become more outgoing, following a period during which the singer was “scared to step outside.”

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Eilish shared the revelation in an interview with Australia’s Nova Network yesterday (September 14). The popstar recounted the times when she “used to go out and walk around”, but admitted that she ultimately didn’t “do that as much because life is a little different.”

Referencing the difficulties that come with being out in public, Eilish said there was a time when she “was just scared to step outside, because I was just worried.” Eilish went on to explain, however, that her fears have lessened in recent years. “I’ve been going out more for the last couple years,” she said, “I’m more chill about it [and] I’m more comfortable in it.”


Eilish credited the change to having a busy schedule, and cited a recent bike ride in New Zealand as a particularly helpful excursion. Eilish spoke on a similar topic of fame last year during an interview with LA Times, during which she admitted that she “hated going outside” and “hated going to events.”

She continued: “I hated the internet having a bunch of eyes on me. I just wanted to be doing teenager shit.” In the same interview, Eilish said the pandemic allowed her to “do the self-reflection [she’s] never had the time for,” which allowed her to reflect on fame “and how it affected [her].”

More recently, Eilish spoke of her changing relationship to fame in a 2022 interview with NME, saying that she’s in a “real transitional period in [her] personal life,” and that she’s “trying to find [herself] again.

“I felt pretty trapped in the persona that people had of me,” she said “and then I changed it completely to fuck with everyone.”

Eilish’s Nova Australia interview comes amid her current run of shows in the country as part of her Happier Than Ever world tour. The Australian shows form the last leg of Eilish’s world tour, having performed in North America, Europe, UK and Asia since beginning the tour in February.


The Happier Than Ever tour is in support of Eilish’s 2021 album of the same name. In a five-star review of ‘Happier Than Ever’, NME’s El Hunt said the sophomore project “secures [Eilish’s] status as a generational great.”