Björk fan goes viral with disturbing Halloween spin on iconic swan dress

A Björk fan’s Halloween costume has taken the Internet by storm thanks to a rather creative spin on one of the Icelandic singer’s most iconic fashion moments.

Back in 2001, Björk shocked the world with her dress, in the shape of a white swan draped around her neck. Designed by Marjan Pejoski, Björk wore the dress on the cover of her album ‘Vespertine’, and most notably at the 2001 Academy Awards red carpet, where the singer was nominated for Best Original Song (‘I’ve Seen It All’ from Dancer In The Dark).

Over two decades later, that dress has now taken an entirely different direction. A visual artist and drag queen called Untitled Queen posted a video of her friend Lucy Balls, who designed a swan dress with Björk hanging around their neck instead. Check out the original dress and Balls’ take below:

Björk's swan dress (Photo by Mirek Towski/FilmMagic)
Björk’s swan dress (Photo by Mirek Towski/FilmMagic)

My bestie Lucy Balls winning Halloween. She made her costume: a swan wearing Bjork wearing a swan. #drag #brooklyn

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Last year, NME spoke to the singer about her latest album ‘Fossora’, which we gave four stars. In that interview, she spoke of her love for Kate Bush and the struggles she’d had being taken seriously in the media: “I was always quite offended by how often Kate Bush was written about like she was insane or a crazy witch – or me being a crazy elf,” she said.

“We are producers. I’ve written all my scores for 20 years, you know. I’m not bragging, I’m just saying that because people still want me to be a naive elf. If we were guys, we would be taken more seriously. Finally, Gen Z-ers can imagine a woman’s production or a woman’s world and it not seem insane or a thing that they have to ridicule or be scared of.”

In more recent news, Björk recently released a song with Spanish superstar Rosalía to “fight fish farming in Iceland.”


“Iceland has the biggest untouched nature in Europe and still today it has its sheep roaming free in the mountains in the summers,” she said in a statement. “Its fish has swum free in our lakes, rivers and fjords. So when Icelandic and Norwegian business men started buying fish farms in the majority of our fjords, it was a big shock and rose up as the main topic this summer. We don’t understand how they had been able to do this for a decade with almost no regulations stopping them.

“This has already had devastating effect on wildlife and the farmed fish are suffering in horrid health conditions and since a lot of them have escaped, they have started changing the DNA in the Icelandic salmon to the worse and could eventually lead to its extinction.”