Blink-182 wipe Instagram as mysterious posters appear

Blink-182 fans are convinced the band are set to announce something in the very near future after they wiped their official Instagram page.

The official Blink-182 website is currently down, displaying a message saying that it’s “under construction” and to “check back soon” while the band’s Instagram page is completely blank.

It comes as the band’s official Twitter account has liked a series of tweets from 2013, talking about Blink-182 in 2023 while across their social media profiles, all the bios have been changed to read “Crappy Punk Rock since 1992”.


The recent likes of Blink 182’s Twitter account

A new logo has also been seen on an electronic billboard in Peru and and one fan has spotted a series of posters in Manhattan advertising something called “182 Industries” that promises “your future is cumming…in the blink of an eye”. The posters also link to the website which redirects to Blink-182’s official site.

Earlier this year, Matt Skiba revealed he didn’t know if he was still a part of Blink-182. The Alkaline Trio vocalist joined the band in 2015 as a replacement for guitarist Tom DeLonge who left to “to change the world for my kids”.

Shortly afterwards, DeLonge hinted that he had rejoined the band with Mark Hoppus telling fans there was “no news to share. ​​ If and when Blink has any announcement about anything, you will hear it from the official Blink outlets. Not teased on a radio station like ‘tune in for a major announcement…Tom tagged Mark in a photo from two decades ago.’”

A few weeks later though, Hoppus confirmed he met up with DeLonge and Travis Barker while he was receiving treatment for cancer. “I keep writing music, and I’m open to whatever the next phase of Blink is,” Hoppus told People. “I’m hopeful for the future. I’m just damn glad to be here.”