Bolis Pupul shares new single ‘Completely Half’ and announces Soulwax-produced debut album ‘Letter To Yu’

Bolis Pupul has announced his debut LP ‘Letter To Yu’ and has shared its lead single ‘Completely Half’. Check out the video below.

‘Letter To Yu’ has been described as a love letter to his mother, who died in a traffic accident in 2008. Pupul was born to a Belgian father and a Chinese mother. In the wake of his mother’s passing, Pupul began to embrace and come to terms with his heritage.

“When I started to think about my roots, instead of being ashamed of them, I started to embrace them,” he said (per The Line of Best Fit). “And so it became more and more important for me to get in touch with them. I went to evening school here in Belgium and began learning Chinese. I did that for four years. That was the first step.”


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Directed by Magnum photographer Bieke Depoorter in the heart of Hong Kong, the video for ‘Completley Half’ sees Pupul exploring the streets and buildings within the Chinese city in search of his late mother.

Speaking about the experience of creating his debut LP, Pupul said (per The Line of Best Fit) “Even though this trip was very emotional and at times sad, I also had some great times that just made me really happy. This resulted in a very uplifting melody where I felt like I could handle my life.”

‘Letter To Yu’ is set for release on March 8 via Soulwax’s record label, Deewee. The The Belgian electro-rock duo co-produced the LP alongside Pupul. Pre-order the album here.

‘Letter To Yu’ tracklist is:
1. ‘Letter to yu’
2. ‘Completely Half’
3. ‘Goodnight Mr. Yi’
4. ‘Frogs’
5. ‘Doctor says’
6. ‘Spicy Crab’
7. ‘Ma Tau Wai Road’ (with Salah Pupul)
8. ‘Causeway Bae’
9. ‘Cantonese’
10. ‘Kowloon’
11. ‘Cosmic Rendez-Vous’


Pupul previously released a joint album with Charlotte Adigéry back in 2022 titled ‘Topical Dancer’. In a four-star review of the LP, NME shared: “Adigéry and Pupul don’t need any help with their success, thank you. With ‘Topical Dancer’, they have created an album that works just as well as the soundtrack to a killer house party as it does a necessary act of rebellion against the negative forces in our society.”

Speaking to NME about their collaborative project, Adigéry said: “I think when I’m with Bolis we have that competitive streak to try and impress the other and make them laugh. “We’re not saying we’re the funniest people in the world, but we crack each other up at least.”

‘Topical Dancer’ also landed the seventh spot on NME‘s 50 best albums of 2022, with NME‘s Thomas Smith saying: “Sharp quips, jabs at pass-agg comments and the duo’s electrifying beats reigned supreme in a record full of humour, heart and some serious dancefloor heaters.”