Brockhampton release ‘The Family’ and announce surprise album ‘TM’ dropping tonight

Brockhampton have released new album ‘The Family’ and announced a surprise record, ‘TM’, set to drop tonight.

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Last month Brockhampton leader Kevin Abstract confirmed that the band’s seventh and final album was on the way after announcing their breakup earlier in the year, sharing last month that ‘The Family’ would arrive on November 17.

Earlier today, the band posted a graphic on social media to announce that ‘The Family’ was out now, with a small note in the corner that reads: “SURPRISE ALBUM (TM) MIDNIGHT LOCAL”.


12am local time for the Texas collective is 6am GMT, Friday, November 18. According to Apple Music, ‘TM’ has 11 songs and runs for 37 minutes.

Alongside the surprise announcement Abstract, real name Clifford Ian Simpson, shared a statement reflecting on his time in the band.

“As most of us did, I shut down once I hit middle school,” he wrote. I was afraid to be vulnerable with my mom. I remember not feeling good enough for my dad. I remember pretending to be somebody new depending on who I was around. I used to wanna be an actor, My 14-year-old self was in pain. I was lost. Trapped. And so I dreamt. For reasons similar, but unique, everyone in this group dreamt too.”

He explained that the post on the Kanye West fan forum where the band famously met in 2012, was an “olive branch”.


“Everyone took a risk. We found each other and planted out own trees. I had a vision when I posted, but the way it would end up not only changing my life but having an impact on the culture we grew up on? Thank you.”

The post continued: “I understand that some of the fans are upset that no one is on the album but me. Over the past few years, the members of the band began to move our separate ways, and focus on our individual careers and passions.

“With this project a few of us were inspired to make something new that would bring closure to the past, and set the table for all of us to finally be able to explore our individual futures. I hope you understand and enjoy the music.”

Abstract finished the post writing that he hopes to be able to give Brockhampton fans a sense of “closure”.

“Yeah, this show is over, but the furnace is still glowing,” he wrote. “What a blessing this has been.”

Reviewing the band’s farewell live gig in London earlier this year, NME wrote: “No one wants to believe it’s over, even as the lights come up and stagehands begin shooing people away. It’s an oddly fitting ending for a band who will always seem to have unfinished business.”

Find the ‘TM’ cover art and tracklisting below.

Brockhampton TM
Brockhampton ‘TM’ cover art (CREDIT: Brockhampton/ Apple Music).

1. ‘FMG’
2. ‘Animal’
3. ‘Listerine’
4. ‘New Shoes’
5. ‘Keep It Southern’
6. ‘Man On The Moon’
7. ‘Better Things’
8. ‘Crucify Me’
9. ‘Duct Tape’
10. ‘Always Something’
11. ‘Goodbye’