BTS’ Jin likens his music career to being in a video game

BTS vocalist Jin has opened up about his achievements throughout the group’s music career, likening it to being in a real-life video game.

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In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, the boyband member spoke about some of the K-pop act’s recent achievements, and also touched on his latest solo endeavours. He later likened BTS’ career to a video game, describing new music and content as updates for their fans.

“Games have to be updated to make them more fun, even if the users didn’t ask for it,” he said, explaining the analogy. “I think we’re similar to that. Just like I feel happy when I play games, ARMY feels happy being our fans.


“And they do that while listening to our music and enjoying our new content. I tried thinking of ARMY as the user. That led me to want to keep them satisfied,” Jin added later in the interview.

The K-pop idol later opened up about why he started working on solo endeavours, such his 2021 song ‘Yours’ for K-drama Jirisan, as well as his self-penned viral track ‘Super Tuna’. “The group was spending less time performing at the time and I figured ARMY would like it if they had a new song to listen to at that point,” he shared.

“To use another game analogy, a lot of times game characters will have their own jobs and stats,” Jin said of the songs. “But even if there’s frequent patches for the whole game, I would hate it if my character’s the only one whose stats don’t get buffed and stay the same when all the other characters get upgrades.”

“So that’s how I think about what I need to do and then get to work on it,” he continued. The interview follows the release of BTS’ new anthology album ‘Proof’, which arrived on Friday (June 10), along with the music video for its new single ‘Yet To Come’.