Canadian Singer-Songwriter Hazeline Taffe Breaks Through With Spirituality-Filled Latest Releases

Canadian singer-songwriter Hazeline Taffe breaks through the noise with several new spirituality-filled releases. The album Finally, but also the singles “Humanitarian Change,” “True Friend,” “Strength ‘n’ Dreams,” and “The Battle of the Cov-19,” reflects her current state of mind, focused on inspiring listeners with songs of hope and love. 

Like most people who have gone through the toughest moments in life, Hazeline Taffe has found the inner strength and unshakable faith to transform her difficulties into inspirational songs aimed at offering the same healing properties to those who listen to it. 

Hazeline Taffe is a Canadian citizen originally from Jamaica. It is following a tragic event in her life that Hazeline decided to overcome her pain through writing songs of hope, often sonically blending gospel with R&B.

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