Carsn. Presents His Brand New Album Mixed 3motions

After making the buzz with the release of his single “Rip Away” in anticipation of his new album, Carsn. Has finally dropped his full body of work titled Mixed 3motions and it’s powerful!

Throughout 14 perfectly placed tracks, Carsn. takes us with him on a memorable sonic journey. Known for his special style revolving around a mix of southern pop/hip-hop mixed with alternative, he never restrains himself to one genre and instead loves to experiment and innovate. He has been working on this project for over a year now and has put his heart and soul into it. He is also an athlete who played football for his college team, while at the same time educating himself about music theory and production.

In a recent interview, Carsn. spoke about how he got interested in music, and the story is quite interesting, as he goes: “I was first introduced to Lil Wayne through my brother, who was a little bit older than me at the time. After he played The Carter III, I instantly fell in love with rap music and music in general. I remember I would write Lil Wayne’s lyrics down, studying his rhyme schemes and the way he flows. I would also draw his album covers and replicate them to hang on my wall. This helped introduce me to other genres later on, and I would do the same thing with my other favorite artists, which is why I believe I have such a diverse taste in music and art.”

Mixed 3motions shines by the consistency of the quality it delivers, a collection expected to be extremely well received by music fans all over the world.