Charlie Puth says his new album is his “most personal yet”

Charlie Puth has said his forthcoming third album ‘Charlie’ is his “most personal work” yet.

The US singer-songwriter is due to release his new album on October 7, following singles ‘Light Switch’, ‘That’s Hilarious’, ‘Left And Right’ featuring BTS‘ Jung Kook, ‘Smells Like Me’ and ‘I Don’t Think That I Like Her’.

Speaking in a new interview with Billboard, Puth explained how he tried to put more of his personality into the new album.


“Maybe a cliche statement for an artist to sit on this white couch and be like, ‘Oh, this is my most personal work’,” he said. “But it is for me because I’ve never had an entire body of work that was my personality with some melody attached to it.”

“I want people to be familiar with these songs, like they’ve heard them before, because they have heard them before,” he added.

The singer also explained how his ‘Left and Right’ collaboration with Jung Kook came about. “The song was done. I sat on it for a couple of weeks and then I texted him the mp3. We were able to really get it done,” he said.

Speaking about what’s next, Puth continued: “Any song that I put out, I never think about, ‘Oh, well I have to top this one.’ I think about, ‘How different of a song can I follow this up with?’

“I feel like I’ve always been, up to this point, the artist that you just hear on the radio or you listen to wherever you listen to music. No one’s ever cared about my personal life so I’m exacerbating that. I’m taking the sand paper and I’m rubbing the wood [laughs] That’s a weird analogy.”


Charlie Puth performs during the 99.5 ZPLs Birthday Bash concert at TCU Amphitheater at White River State Park on June 17, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. CREDIT: Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Announcing the album in July this year, a press release said that the highly anticipated return promises to be his most personal record to date, with every song authentically representing a piece of himself.”

Earlier this year, Puth shared that he created most of the new album on TikTok, which often features breakdowns of the creative process behind his tracks. Snippets of January single ‘Light Switch’ were also teased for a prolonged period on the video sharing app before he officially released it.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, Puth said: “I’m going to call the album, ‘Charlie’. It’s done. I’ve made most of it on TikTok. My goal for this album is for everybody to know every song title before it comes out. I love the fact that ‘Light Switch’ has been teased for months, and people are making bootlegs of it.

In a review of Puth’s second album ‘Voicenotes’, NME said that the record puts his “stellar songwriting and cheeky lyrics front and centre, and in doing so, starts to carve him a place as a popstar in his own right”.