Cher reacts to Dua Lipa being called “the Cher of our generation”

Cher has reacted to Dua Lipa being called the “Cher of our generation” on social media, sparking a conversation around the ethics of comparing younger artists to older ones who are still active.

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Earlier this week, a Twitter user shared a now-deleted tweet with side-by-side images of Cher and Lipa. According to Newsweek, the photo of Lipa showed her look at the 2021 Grammys next to Cher at the same awards in 1974 – both images showed them wearing visually similar, sparkling outfits that make prominent use of a butterfly design. “Dua Lipa, the Cher of our generation,” they captioned the post.

Another user quote-retweeted the post, writing, “So much truth in one Tweet.” They tagged both artists, to which Cher responded somewhat shadily. “How many [years] are in a generation,” the 76-year-old pop icon wrote alongside an emoji of a thinking face. See that exchange below:


Debate about the comparison ensued. Some defended Cher’s position – one user, for instance wrote that “Cher is Cher. No one else will ever be Cher. Period.” Another user said: “People are not really understanding the cultural impact Cher had. Anyone can dress like Cher today, but it’s not the same thing as being the first one to break that ground.”

While both artists have enjoyed incredibly successful careers in their own rights, the conversation turned to whether it’s appropriate to compare a younger artist’s impact and oeuvre to that of an older artist who is still continuing to make work.

Cher, for what it’s worth, last released an album in 2018 – ABBA covers record ‘Dancing Queen’ – and she embarked on a lengthy tour around the time of its release that only concluded, in March 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


“Props to her for this,” one person wrote while retweeting Cher’s response. “I find the ‘they’re the new (insert artist)’ so offensive especially when the original artist is still alive.”

The person who made the original post responded to Cher, saying they were simply “praising [you] and Dua[‘s] style,” but that “some people didn’t get the message”. Lipa herself has not yet responded.

Since releasing her second album ‘Future Nostalgia’ in 2020, Lipa has kept relatively busy. That same year, she teamed up with The Blessed Madonna for a remix album titled ‘Club Future Nostalgia’, which featured a number of collaborations. In 2021, she teamed up with another musical legend, Elton John, for the Pnau-produced ‘Cold Heart’.

This year, she joined Megan Thee Stallion on the rapper’s ‘Traumazine’ cut ‘Sweetest Pie’, and also featured on Calvin Harris‘ ‘Potion’ alongside Young Thug.