CloudPainter’s “Love Come Down” Projects The Warmth Of The Tucsonan Sun

Folk-Rock band from Arizona, CloudPainter, premiered their debut single “Love Come Down.” The group, consisting of Cloud Microphones founder and acclaimed musician RJ Cloud, master vocalist and Perfect Girl singer-songwriter Liz Painter, bass guitarist Steve Smith, and drummer Josh Sailor, was inspired by the story of how the members originally came together in Tucson and became lifelong friends.

Painter explains: “The lyrics and title “Love Come Down” speak to optimism and trust in life’s process, and the idea that doing so leads us to create our greatest outcomes. It speaks to a feeling among our circle of friends at the time we met. With lifelong friendships, one wonders if “love will come down and carry you away someday” but these friendships continue to evolve and inspire beauty as the chorus answers with the question, “Do you believe we can fly through a beautiful sky?”

CloudPainter’s frontman RJ Cloud admits that the band is focused on finding its own path. When speaking of their unique sound he says: “Playing instruments like the Hammond organ and vintage guitars, captured with boutique microphones and preamps lends itself to a roots sound. Sometimes we cross over with more modern instrumentation, but we still manage to slip in some of the iconic analog gear. This can be a lot of fun! Ultimately, the tone and character of these sounds play a big role in CloudPainter’s sound.”

Fleetwood Mac, Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks, and Pink Floyd, are a few of the artists that have inspired CloudPainter to make music that not only aspires but also spreads hope and optimism. Swinging between Southern Rock, R&B, and Psychedelia, the multi-genre group is planning to drop a full-length album this year. Following “Love Come Down,” the band is set to go on tour in 2024.

Listen to “Love Come Down” here: