Crowd leads chant of “fuck EasyJet” at Easy Life’s final concert under current name

A chant of “fuck EasyJet” broke out at Easy Life‘s last gig under their current band name in London tonight (October 13) following a legal battle with the airline’s licensing company EasyGroup.

The band performed their sold-out farewell show at London’s KOKO today, following a goodbye date at the O2 Academy in their Leicester hometown last night (October 12).

Both shows were performed in light of the recent legal action the members faced from EasyGroup over their band name.


Frontman Murray Matravers told the London crowd that they hadn’t quite worked out what to say at the farewell shows, which was met by supportive cheers from fans before an impassioned chant of “fuck EasyJet” erupted.

Matravers quipped in response: “Your words, not mine. I’m not allowed to say such things, but I concur.”

“Loads of you have been saying, ‘I’ll never use that airline again’,” Matravers added.

He continued that while they “appreciate the sentiment”, fans should still fly with airline “if it’s the cheapest” and “best option”, adding: “Honestly, we don’t care.”

The artist concluded by promising that they would “definitely be back”.


“It might take us a minute, it might take us a while, we have a lot of shit to sort out, but we’ll be back,” Matravers said.

Earlier this month, Easy Life revealed that they were being sued over their name, claiming the licensing company was “forcing” them to change it or face a costly legal battle.

While the band initially hit back at the suggestion they were “brand thieves”, arguing they came first – in addition to making a plea to withdraw legal action – on Tuesday (October 10), they announced that they would be surrendering their name due to a lack of finances to pursue it in court.

“Having explored literally every possible avenue, we have realised that there are no good options available to us, and we need to change our name to move forward,” they wrote in a statement, shared on their website. “Sadly, it seems that justice is only available to those who can afford it. We simply don’t have the funds to access a fair trial in the high court.”

Along with their farewell shows, Easy Life shared a new single this week called ‘Trust Exercises’.

“Time-sensitive in release but timeless in musicality, ‘Trust Exercises’ closes one chapter for the Leicester group whilst cementing its reputation as one of this generation’s most important (and unstoppable) British bands,” read a press release.