D’Lemor’s Debut Single “Shine” Off Upcoming Debut Album Your Lens Of Love Will Make You Feel Like You Have Found Heaven

Poland-born talented artist D’Lemor gifts the world her angelic voice and inspiring persona in her first-ever debut single “Shine.” The song will be included in her upcoming album, Your Lens Of Love. On “Shine,” she sings her heart out and lets you find her wounds and scars, yet the single has a glimpse of hope in it. 

“Shine” follows the theme of the album it is included in. With her vulnerable out-of-this-world charisma, beautiful voice, and unique, atmospheric appearance, the artist sings about her belief in love and how it is capable of changing the world. 

The overall vibe and experience of “Shine” is otherworldly. It makes you feel like you have found heaven and are on a cloud surrounded by angels. Pureness that pours out of D’Lemor’s voice fills the air with indescribably blissful energy. She shares the message of hope and the power of unity, and most importantly, you can feel that she firmly believes in both. The energy of “Shine” is soul healing. It wraps you up in love and cares with such vulnerability you do not want to escape. 

“Shine” is your lucky ticket to the safe place of understanding and community.