Does ‘Rise of the Ronin’ have co-op?

Team Ninja‘s latest action game has arrived, Rise of the Ronin, and if you are a fan of their previous titles you may be keen to understand if the longstanding co-op functionality and features in their games are back.

After spending some time with the game over recent weeks we have a full breakdown of how you can play the action RPG, whether you can invite your friends along, and if there is competitive multiplayer too.

Does Rise of the Ronin have co-op?

Rise of the Ronin does have co-op multiplayer for up to four players, which can be accessed from the Longhouse in Miyozaki and later areas. This spot is unlocked a good way through the main story so you will need to play a decent chunk of the game to invite your friends.


From there you can choose a multiplayer mission and team up to take on the objectives and tackle the bosses found in the many locations the game’s story takes you to.

Rise Of The Ronin. Credit: Team Ninja.
Rise Of The Ronin. Credit: Team Ninja.

Difficulty does scale in the game, so if you or your friend are of a high level then one of you will be in for a much harder combat challenge, especially if your gear isn’t up to snuff.

Does Rise of the Ronin have PvP?

Rise of the Ronin does not have any PvP modes. It is purely a PvE experience, so don’t expect to be able to challenge your friends or random players to a duel. The feature may get added to the game down the line, however most of Team Ninja’s games in recent years haven’t had any kind of competitive multiplayer.

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