Don Modus Kicks Off A New Era With Latest Single “East 2 West”

NY’s hottest new Hip Hop artist and songwriter, Don Modus, has created a sensation with his recent collaboration with San Diego rapper Iz Sosa. The track called, “East 2 West,” begins a fresh chapter in his career, flaunting his confidence and energy in both sound and style. With full throttle, he unleashes his talent, marking a defining moment in his music journey. 

Modus explains that “East 2 West” is a new era for him, “During all my past releases I feel like I was still figuring it out, you know finding my “look” finding my “sound,” etc. This new push is different because I’m confident in what I wanna do. The foundation has all been laid in years past, and now I’m ready to really break through. Everything has a bigger budget and my team is rocksolid!”

Following in the footsteps of his role models, including 21 Savage, Kanye West, Future, Jay Z, and 2 Chainz, Modus reveals: “I love how they all control their own narratives and have a relentless work ethic. I’ve learned something different from all of them and hope to be a combination of all of their strengths. I know it’s a bold statement but you gotta go big time.”

Going big has inspired him so much that he titled his next single “Big Time.” The upcoming song is set to arrive this week, along with its music video. Produced by Dapp Fetti, the track showcases his signature flow accompanied by a classic Memphis sample.

“I was told a long time ago to make music for the future, not for the present. So when I first started developing my sound it was raw, but now I feel like times are really catching up with what I’m trying to do. My goal is to have hard-hitting lyrics that aren’t preachy with a good balance of reverb heavy acoustic effects,” admits the rapper.

Don Modus  has an array of thrilling new music on the horizon. Following “East 2 West” and the upcoming “Big Time,” he hopes to release many more singles in the forthcoming months. He also has his sights set on dropping both a solo EP and an EP packed with collaborations. 

Watch the official music video for “East 2 West” here:

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