Dua Lipa says buying her publishing rights is “something I’ve always wanted”

Dua Lipa has spoken about her recent acquisition of her publishing rights, something she says she has “always wanted”.

Speaking to Audacy for a new interview published on Thursday (November 16), Lipa spoke about owning her catalogue and her new music. Earlier this month (November 2), it was announced that the pop singer had acquired the rights to her catalogue of songs in a deal with her previous publishers, TAP Music.

When asked by Audacy what led to that decision, Dua Lipa replied: “I think it’s just something I’ve always wanted — to be in control of my own music.” She went on to explain that she thinks “all young artists should really understand the business behind music, especially in the beginning.”


Dua Lipa added: “To be able to have all the rights back to my songs feels really good. It’s my life’s work, so it’s good to be the person to say what happens with it.”

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Audacy host Bru then asked if Taylor Swift re-recording her first six albums in order to take control of her catalogue had set an example for the ‘Houdini’ singer, Lipa replied: “I think what had happened to Taylor obviously was something that completely started getting people to understand that they should have a lawyer, and understand the business of music, for sure! I think owning your publishing was just something that I really wanted to have.”

“I think a lot of artists go, like, independent, or do their own thing,” she added. “I just wanted to have my whole catalogue under my own company, which is something I started this year, which is like, publishing, and a production company. I just wanted to have everything under one umbrella. It just felt like a new chapter!”

Lipa most recently released the single ‘Houdini’, which marks the first taste of the singer’s highly anticipated third album. ‘Houdini’ scored a four-star review upon its release.

Rhian Daly wrote of the track for NME: “Here, our returning pop queen is laying down a challenge to a potential suitor, but it’s easy to transpose the message to whatever situation you’re facing. Dua’s dare? Carpe that diem, make the most of the moment, or watch her leave you in the dust as she moves on to the next.”