Duce Doit Makes His Move With “Tweak”

Chicago icon Duce Doit just dropped “Tweak”, a short and sweet track you cannot miss! With hundreds of listeners and thousands of streams, Duce Doit shows his audience the best of his art, as he continues to evolve and sharpen his sound. “Tweak” embodies the incredible front-and-center beats and lyrical rapping that ends all too quickly, leaving us wanting more!

Duce Doit is an urban music creator, Hip-Hop and recording artist who officially launched his music career in 2018 with the track “Sleepwalkin.’ Inspired by iconic artists like Jay-Z, T. I., Rick Ross, Duce takes his influences and transforms them into his deeply personal sonic aesthetics, merging multiple urban sub-genres into his brilliant tracks. A recording artist and a live performer, Duce has much more to offer, so stay tuned!