DYLI Delivers an Energetic New Single With “London Bridge”

Lodi’s fast-rising pop sensation DYLI is back with new single “London Bridge,” full of bright energy and glowing hooks. The sweltering new release revives the fact that she can blend influences creatively to make sounds sure to shine light on an audience wide and far.

London Bridge” is a catchy pop record that displays the power of DYLI‘s vocal range and songwriting capabilities. With the original inspiration stemming from Fergie’s hit single of the same track, DYLI injects her uniqueness onto the track with a playful blend of lyrics over a rather pulsating, energetic beat. With the line “London Bridge is falling down, Big Ben turn them hundreds into pounds” on the hook, one hears it for the first time and knows it’s one of those songs that calls for a repeat.

This was a back-and-forth process with her producer Ruwanaga Samath. When she got sent the beat, the title in itself, “London Bridge,” made DYLI think of Fergie’s “Fergalicious.” How she could emulate that same feel and attitude with references to the UK and make it her own, she mused. Phrases like “What’s tea? Lemme tell you.” add just the contemporary edge to make the song relatable and fresh.

Past releases like “Foreplay” showcase DYLI’s powerful vocals perfectly. Back in her hometown of Lodi, DYLI has flourished musically and personally. A decade immersed in the music industry has honed her sound, resulting in a polished and captivating style.

Born and raised in Lodi, California, but with deep roots in the musical landscape of Stockton, DYLI was born into music. Raised by two enthusiasts of excellent music themselves, she first held a guitar at six, getting on a trajectory to being a musician. It was only in 2014, after the death of her grandfather, that she really started writing songs in a bid to express her emotions and experiences through her work.

Over the years, DYLI has had her fair share of struggles that she managed to face and emerge as an improved individual, and in this way, her talent has been polished into something distinguished. The improvement in songs like “18+” and “Tokyo” showed development on her part as an artist in her professional career. “18+,” on its own, represented her ability to write serenely personal and universally relatable lyrics, while “Tokyo” snaps up her ambitious drive and energetic spirit.

On “London Bridge,” DYLI does one better with another ear-catching and cheerful anthem. The song not only paints her as musically versatile but able to take people’s concepts and just totally turn them in her own way.

Stream Dyli’s “London Bridge” here: