DYLI’s Recent Single “Tokyo” — A Portal To Musical Manifestation

Tokyo,” the latest musical marvel from DYLI, created in collaboration with her sister CALYN, has ignited the music scene with its release. This single serves as a portal from the everyday to the exceptional, capturing the essence of a potent story as told by an artist who is manifestly at the height of her creative vigor.

In a recent interview, DYLI shared: “The track for “Tokyo” was one of those beats where we pressed play and both fell in love with it. The flow for the first verse was almost immediate and I just said the first thing that came to mind: “that b*tch a lil bird, I’m the biggest one,” as a joke and it ended up sticking. CALYN wrote the entire hook in less than five minutes and that set the tone for the rest of the song.”

Discussing the subtle intricacies within her lyrics, she explained: “Indigo represents intuition and is associated with the third eye chakra. This reference relates to me using my songs as a way of manifestation for my goals, speaking them into existence in a way. I believe that energy plays a huge part in our existence and this was just a way of expressing that.”

DYLI sees music as refuge, where personal feelings merge with lived moments, creating tunes that are deeply personal yet broadly relatable. “Tokyo” embodies this fine interplay, mirroring the listener’s own struggles and victories, and reverberating with the quiet but potent defiance that resides within. In her words, “Music is such a therapeutic outlet for me, writing helps get out those tough conversations that are difficult for me to have, and brings peace of mind.”

She crafts a soundscape that seeks to resonate with the soul beyond the mere auditory experience, blending a rich mosaic of genres into a distinct auditory identity. DYLI navigates from the charm of alternative to the reminiscent vibes of 2000s pop-punk, with each note and rhythm forging a path to an enchanting world.

Listen to “Tokyo” here: