Eric Nam breaks silence after backlash over liking Israel-Palestine conflict post

Korean-American singer Eric Nam has broken his silence after facing backlash over liking a post about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict.

Earlier this month, Eric Nam had liked an Instagram post that had talked about taking a neutral view in the wake of the Israel-Palestine conflict. Soon after, the singer faced criticism by fans who were unhappiness over his alleged stance, per Koreaboo.

In a new statement today (October 30), Eric Nam addressed why he liked the Instagram post, saying that he “believed [that it] expressed a position of anti-violence, anti-hate and was against intolerance”.


“My liking of that post was a reaction to waking up to devastating news, as someone who has always been pro-human, pro-peace, and for love and equality for all,” he added.

“My heart is broken for the Palestinian and Israeli families that have been ripped apart by violence and are facing unimaginable loss,” he continued. “Nothing I say can be enough when there is so much pain and suffering, but I am praying every day that there is peace and safety for everyone soon.”

Eric Nam also confirmed that he and his team have “made the difficult decision” to cancel an upcoming 2024 show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He says it comes “Out of an abundance of caution for my team and my fans” after receiving “threats”.

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