Ex-NU’EST singer Baekho teases solo debut mini-album ‘Absolute Zero’

Former NU’EST member Baekho has dropped new teasers for his upcoming solo debut EP ‘Absolute Zero’.

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The K-pop idol took to Twitter on September 21 at midnight KST to announce new details for his upcoming solo debut through a briefly animated teaser poster, soundtracked by sound effects reminiscent of static. Through the teaser, Baekho announced that his solo effort will be titled ‘Absolute Zero’, and is slated for release on October 12 at 6pm KST.


The announcement marks the first details from the album since his label Pledis Entertainment confirmed last month that Baekho was preparing for the album’s October release at the time. His forthcoming debut as a soloist will make him the first former member of NU’EST to officially do so.

The five-piece disbanded earlier this year in March following the release of their final album ‘Needle and Bubble’, featuring title track ‘Spring, Again’. It came after bandmates Aron, Ren and J.R decided not to renew their contracts with the company, which occurred just weeks before NU’EST celebrated 10 years together as a group.

However, Baekho has been teasing solo music as early as June this year. In an interview with Singles Magazine at the time, the singer-songwriter mentioned that he had been “working hard” on his long-awaited debut as a solo artist. “I’m focusing and working hard on how I can utilise my voice better to create more versatile sounds within one song,” Baekho shared.

Earlier this month, Baekho also contributed his latest single ‘Savior’ to the official soundtrack of mystery-romance K-drama Good Job, starring Girls’ Generation’s Yuri and Jung Il-woo. The series follows Eun Seon-woo (Jung), a chaebol who leads a secret double life as a detective by night. He crosses paths with Don Se-ra (Yuri), a woman with hyperacuity who uses her ability to secretly help those around her.