Exclusive: Check out two ‘Doctor Who’ cards from ‘Magic: The Gathering’

For the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, Magic: The Gathering has revealed two crossover cards featuring The Doctor and Donna Noble.

‘Coward/Killer’ is a reference to the moment in the episode ‘The Parting Of The Ways’ where the Dalek Emperor goads the Doctor (played by Christopher Eccleston) to kill all of humanity in order to destroy the Daleks. In response, the Doctor said he would be a “coward any day” over a “killer”.

The 'Coward/Killer' Magic: The Gathering card Credit: Wizards Of The Coast
The ‘Coward/Killer’ card Credit: Wizards Of The Coast

As a Sorcery card, ‘Coward’ prevents the target creature from blocking the opponent’s turn and transfers Coward status to the target card. ‘Killer’ incurs three damage to the target creature as well as other creatures that share the same type as it.

In its artwork, ‘Time Beetle’ depicts the alternate timeline if Donna Noble had never met The Doctor. Its traits are Skulk, meaning that more powerful creatures cannot block this creature, and Parallel Universe. When combat damage is dealt to a player through the creature Time Beetle, this card is able to time travel.

The ‘Time Beetle’ card Credit: Wizards Of The Coast

The set includes new cards as well as reprints with new Doctor Who-themed artwork for fans of both the show and Magic: The Gathering. There will be four Commander Decks – Blast From The Past, Timey-Wimey, Paradox Power and Masters Of Evil.

The first three centre on an era of Doctor Who. Blast From The Past, for example, is led by the Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith with the ability Doctor’s companion to encourage players to mix and match commander combinations across the decks.

The final blue-black-red deck “focuses on the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the many incarnations of the Master.” Moreover, the Magic: The Gathering Collector Booster packs will contain special TARDIS showcase versions of a number of cards in the set, offering an opportunity for collectors with stylised versions of iconic characters.


The Magic: The Gathering – Doctor Who set will be released on October 13 and pre-orders are live now through online retailers.

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