Exxy! Unleashes Unapologetic Youth Culture In PARADOXX 

exxy!, a newcomer making waves in the hip-hop world, has set the music scene ablaze with the electrifying debut of his latest album, PARADOXXX. This record weaves together elements of hedonism, rebellion, and uninhibited energy, perfectly capturing the spirit of youth culture.

The rapper explains: “Most of my rebellious nature comes from my fashion sense. Nobody around me has ever dressed like I do, and that’s just inspired me to go harder and think of even crazier pieces to wear. Even in school very few people actually went up to me and told me they liked my fits, but I was still voted best-dressed before I graduated. It feels good to be the best-dressed person in the room, even if people might not agree with you or immediately show you love.”

exxy! adds: “How I wear clothing is really just a metaphor for how I live. The youth just want to live at the end of the day, they don’t want to be put down or constricted. Clothing is definitely important for youth culture as a whole. It’s another way for kids to freely express themselves as they’re developing a self-image, just like music is. Doing what you want is the most liberating thing you can do, which is why I embraced it on my album. Dress like you want, act like you want, be what you want. Nothing else matters.”

The album’s core is encapsulated in its lead single, “NVR FELT THIS,” a vibrant collaboration featuring underground rapper Lunchbox. This track effortlessly combines a raw, rhythmic bounce with an unapologetic energy that encourages the exploration of new emotions and experiences. exxy! openly shares insights into his creative journey, underscoring how freestyling serves as the guiding rhythm that shapes the infectious beats of his songs.

PARADOXX traverses a range of themes, interwoven throughout its tracks, from materialism to introspection. exxy!’s deep admiration for hip-hop icons like Run-DMC, Beastie Boys, and A Tribe Called Quest shines through, as their rhythmic influence reverberates within his artistry. Much like these trailblazers, he skillfully blends various styles to craft a unique and captivating sound.

Listen to the full album below: