Ezra Miller recast in ‘Invincible’ after string of controversies

Ezra Miller’s role has been recast in the second series of the Amazon Prime animated superhero series Invincible

The role played by Miller, of the mad scientist D.A. Sinclair, who seeks to “improve” humanity, has now been taken over by Eric Bauza (X-Men ‘97, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). 

Miller was embroiled in a number of legal issues in 2022, including accusations of using violence and other intimidatory methods to influence an adolescent, as well as two arrests in Hawaii – one for disorderly conduct and harassment and another for second-degree assault. 

Invincible (Credit: Amazon Prime Video)

They also pleaded guilty to a trespassing charge related to a burglary case in Vermont. Two other charges, of petit larceny and burglary in an unoccupied property, have been dropped. Prosecutors reportedly recommended a year’s probation, $500 (£411) fine and 89 to 90 days in a suspended sentence. 

In October 2022, Miller pleaded not guilty to felony burglary charges after allegedly breaking into a home in Vermont. The maximum sentence if convicted was 26 years in prison. 

Miller has since apologised for their past behaviour and sought treatment for “complex mental health issues”. 

In June 2022, it was reported that Miller would be dropped from future DC Films, after the release of The Flash, in which he took the lead role. 

Season one of the ultraviolent Invincible series scored a four star review from NME‘s Dan Seddon, who wrote: “Invincible is wildly unpredictable, its ruthless narrative and handbrake turn plot twists belying the show’s conventional superhero setup. In fact, the series is so willing to off key characters that it makes Game Of Thrones’ ‘Red Wedding’ look like a summer tea party in a country garden.” 


Season two of the show has been split into two parts. The first half – which consisted of four episodes – premiered in November, while the latter half debuted on March 14. The remaining three episodes will air weekly every Thursday up until April 4.