FLO announce debut EP ‘The Lead’ dropping this Friday

FLO have shared details of their debut EP dropping this week.

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‘The Lead’ arrives this Friday (July 8) and marks the R&B trio’s debut collection of songs.

“Surpriseee! We’re so excited to announce The Lead EP is dropping THIS FRIDAY 08/07/2022! ? We hope you love it as much as we do ❤️‍? Can’t wait to give you more ? pre-save pre-save pre-save,” the band wrote on Twitter yesterday (July 6).


Included on the five-song EP are the songs ‘Cardboard Box’, ‘Immature’, ‘Summertime’, ‘Feature Me’ and ‘Another Guy (acoustic)’.

The band, comprising Renée, Stella and Jorja from London, spoke to NME Radar earlier this year about their career hopes as well as their viral breakout, ‘Cardboard Box’, which was produced by the Grammy Award-nominated MNEK.

When NME asked what the experience working with the Dua Lipa collaborator was like, Stella answered: “It was more about watching him do his craft and taking it in. He wanted us to be our best, melody and writing wise. He’s Jorja’s biggest inspiration as well!”

Jorja said: “I look up to him as he’s so talented and humble. Some writers have taken control of sessions and taken things in their direction, but he doesn’t. He gives us creative reign over the music. He’ll ask us what we think of something and we’re like, ‘Duh! It’s great’”.

And when asked about what the future holds from the promising group, Renée said: “Since girl groups are basically non-existent right now, we have a chance to really make music that people can feel and relate to and bring back that sound. We want to sell out arenas and just completely take over!”


You can pre-order ‘The Lead’ here.