Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl brings out daughter Violet to perform ‘Show Me How’ at Glastonbury 2023

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl was joined by his daughter Violet at Glastonbury 2023 today (June 23) to perform ‘Show Me How’ from new album ‘But Here We Are‘.

Introducing his daughter to the Pyramid Stage, where the band performed in the mystery slot originally billed as The Churnups, Grohl shared: “My favourite singer in the world. This is a song I wrote for my mother, Violet’s grandmother. This is ‘Show Me How’.”

The musician shouted “That’s my girl!” as they finished the performance, before joking: “I love it when you’re on stage with your daughter and you hit a bad note.”


Foo Fighters were among several acts rumoured to be performing under the moniker The Churnups on the opening Friday of Glasto (June 2023).

Grohl was spotted backstage earlier today, with eagled-eyed fans noticing Arctic Monkeys stage gear in the background which appeared to confirmed that the picture is new.

The band opened with ‘All My Life’, with Grohl telling the crowd: “All right motherfuckers, let’s dance!”

“We only have one hour, so we’re going to try and fit in as many songs as we can,” he added.

They also played a furious rendition of ‘The Pretender’, sharing: “Last time we played here was 2017, I don’t know how many of you were there but we sang that shit loud back then.”


“You guys fuckin’ knew it was us this whole time. You knew it was us, right?” Grohl joked about the much-talked-about mystery slot, before performing ‘My Hero’. “We’re not good at secrets.”

2023 also marks 25 years since Foo Fighters first performed at Glasto – on the same day and in the same slot that The Churnups were billed.

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