Forgetmyname Talks Vulnerability & Emotional Honesty In New Release “Gasoline”

Versatile singer-songwriter, Forgetmyname, recently shared her new single, “Gasoline,” which is produced by her close friend and collaborator, Isaac Buna. The track has quickly become a powerful source of comfort for anyone struggling to move on from a broken relationship. In a recent interview, Nicole opened up about the emotional process of channeling her complex feelings into her music. 

With its unfiltered and candid lyrics, the new song takes an introspective dive into the aftermath of a break-up, urging listeners to confront their feelings. “It’s really more about this lifestyle I was creating around me waiting on something to happen when in reality I wasn’t really ready for it. It was this battle going on in my head at the time of writing,” explains Nicole. 

“Thinking about the past and run/ They think I’m having so much fun/ While I just sit around/ And wait for your phone call/ Running from intervention/ Don’t want to sit around/ And wait for you to call,” sings Forgetmyname, expressing the complex and turbulent emotions that come with the end of a relationship, while reflecting on the past with a mix of sadness and longing.

Nicole’s fans have connected with her emotional and vulnerable voice. Forgetmyname says that she writes lyrics that are genuine and uses the studio as a form of therapy to express her real-time experiences. She admits: “I think I hold myself more accountable in my music than anything, it’s my place to be honest with myself. Everyone has that battle at some point in their lives, and I don’t look at it as a struggle…” 

Forgetmyname’s fans can also look forward for her upcoming single “Nightfall.” Nicole describes it as a nostalgic track that can be enjoyed while driving late at night. She teases that while “Gasoline” feels like an escape from relapse, “Nightfall” is the perfect solution.

Watch the official music video for “Gasoline” here:

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