Former QOTSA bassist Nick Oliveri announces two compilations and shares ‘Chains And Shackles’ featuring Slash

Nick Oliveri, the former bassist of Queens Of The Stone Age, has announced two new compilations and shared the track ‘Chains And Shackles’ featuring Slash.

The two compilations feature tracks that span Oliveri’s career. Titled ‘N.O. Hits At All Vols.8’ and ‘N.O. Hits At All Vols.9’, both albums are set for release on January 19 via Heavy Psych Sounds. Pre-order the albums here.

The musician shared ‘N.O. Hits At All Vols.8’s opening song ‘Chains and Shackles’ which marks the first official release of a 2010 collaborative track with Slash.


The song was an outtake from the iconic guitarist’s 2010 self-titled LP and will receive an official release via Olivier’s compilation album. ‘Chains and Shackles’ was produced by Eric Valentine, who previously produced Queens Of The Stone Age’s 2002 album ‘Songs For The Deaf‘.

Both of Oliveri’s upcoming compilations contain unreleased material that spans across various bands and solo projects the musician has been involved with over the years. Some of these bands and projects include Mondo Generator, his Death Acoustic project, Dead End America and others.

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‘N.O. Hits at All Vol. 8’ track list is :

1. ‘Chains And Shackles’ (Slash w/ Nick Oliveri)’
2. ‘Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction’ (Nick Oliveri’s Death Acoustic)
3. ‘I’m Not Dead’ (He Who Can Not Be Named w/ Rex Everything)
4. ‘Back Off Boogaloo’ (Nick Oliveri and The Drug Store Cowboy)
5. ‘The Lords Are Here To Ride’ (Death Machine 3)
6. ‘She Wanted To Leave’ (Nick Oliveri’s Death Acoustic)
7. ‘Outlaw Scumfuc’ (Nick Oliveri’s Death Acoustic)

‘N.O. Hits at All Vol. 9’ track list is:
1. ‘Death March’ (Temple of Deimos w/ Nick Oliveri)
2. ‘Blast Off’ (Nick Oliveri’s Uncontrollable)
3. ‘Twitter Troll’ (Fuck All Of You Dead End America)
4. ‘Up Against The Void’ (Mondo Generator)
5. ‘Blow Up The Embassy’ (Nick Oliveri’s Death Acoustic)
6. ‘Road Warrior’ (Death Machine 3)
7. ‘Conspiracy’ (Fact Or Theory) (Mondo Generator)
8. ‘Consider Me’ (Nick Oliveri’s Death Acoustic)
9. ‘Take Aim’ (Nebula w/ Nick Oliveri)


In 2004, Oliveri was fired from Queens Of The Stone Age by the band’s frontman, Josh Homme, after the bassist was accused by Homme of disrespecting QOTSA’s fans with his on-tour behaviour.

The bassist reunited with the band in 2013 when he provided backing vocals on ‘If I Had A Tail’, which appears on their sixth record ‘…Like Clockwork’. He then joined Queens Of The Stone Age on-stage for the first time in 10 years in Portland, Oregon the following year.

Last year, Oliveri opened up about his relationship with Homme during an interview with Eonmusic.

“You know, we’ve know each other for so long it’s just weird to be at each others’ throats,” he explained. “You can’t force somebody to play music with you. It ran its course just playing music together.”

Oliveri went on to say that he and Homme were “still friends”, adding: “It’s just that we don’t make music together right now.”

He continued: “We did so much in a five-year period, in a concentrated period, so much work, that we kind of burned out on each other. So, it is what it is, and he kind of wanted the band to go in a different direction anyway, so he’s taken it there, and that’s where he wants it to go, and it’s great for him.”

In other news, Queens Of The Stone Age have been announced as headliners for HellFest 2024 alongside Foo FightersRoyal Blood and Megadeth.