G-Dragon to attend police questioning, drug test next week

South Korean musician G-Dragon will attend a police questioning and take a drug test next week, as part of the ongoing investigations into his alleged drug use.

G-Dragon’s lawyer, Kim Su-hyeon, said in a press release that the K-pop idol’s upcoming questioning by the police is voluntary and will take place on Monday (November 6) at the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency in Seoul, according to Yonhap News Agency.

On top of the questioning, police also announced yesterday (October 31) that they will also be conducting a rapid drug test on the 35-year-old singer as part of procedure.


The October 31 statement by G-Dragon’s legal counsel also included a warning from against the dissemination of falsified information about the singer’s current situation.

“We urge the media and press to report with responsibility to prevent Kwon Ji-yong, a K-pop artist representing South Korea, from being inflicted any irrevocable damage from the spread of false information,” the statement read.

G-Dragon – real name Kwon Ji-young – was first booked by the Incheon Metropolitan Police on October 26, and is currently under probe without detention for his alleged breach of South Korea’s Narcotics Control Act.

A day after the allegations surfaced (October 27), the musician came forward to deny claims of his illegal drug use in a statement through his lawyer.

According to The Korea Herald’s report on October 30, G-Dragon issued a second statement reiterating his stance, and displayed his notification to the police of his legal representation and will for voluntary questioning and investigation.

“Kwon has submitted all the evidence necessary for the investigation and his vow to sincerely cooperate in the hair and urine test, in order to reveal the truth and prove his innocence,” the statement distributed by the singer’s lawyer read.


South Korean police have also clarified that G-Dragon’s booking is unrelated to another simultaneously ongoing narcotics investigation, which has since been controversially linked to actor Lee Sun-kyun.

Meanwhile, the agencies of several K-pop acts have denied any rumours of links to the recent spate of drug-related investigations in the Korean entertainment industry.