Gal Gadot on her surprise return in ‘Fast X’: “It just felt right”

Gal Gadot has discussed her return as Gisele Yashar in the closing moments of Fast X.

The actor, who last appeared in Fast & Furious 6, reprises the role during the final scene in the tenth mainline installment of the action franchise. In the scene, Gisele is seen emerging from a submarine in Antarctica after Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and Cipher (Charlize Theron) escape from black site prison.

Speaking to Total Film about her reasons for returning, Gadot said: “Fast was the first feature I’d ever done as an actress. They were the ones to give me my first opportunity, my first break in Hollywood. And I’m forever grateful for that. And they’re a community. They’re like family. We still keep in touch. They have a special place in my heart.”


After saying the franchise has a “huge, incredible loyal fanbase”, she added: “It just felt right this time. And it’s very exciting.”

Fast X
Jason Momoa plays ‘Fast X’ big baddie Dante. CREDIT: Universal Pictures

In regards to her role in the next installment, Gadot didn’t give anything away. “I wish I could say something. If I’m going to say something to you, somebody is going to jump into my room and tie my mouth,” she said.

A follow-up to Fast X is already in development and is scheduled to be released in 2025. It will be helmed by Fast X director Louis Leterrier.

Gadot made her first appearance as Gisele in the fourth entry, Fast & Furious. She returned in Fast Five and 2013’s Fast & Furious 6, where her character was presumed dead after she appeared to sacrifice herself.

In a four-star review of Fast X, NME wrote: “Looking like he’s having more fun than anyone ever has at their job, Jason Momoa’s evil peacock is the best thing in the series so far – singing and dancing his way through all the cartoon mayhem in a pair of pink hair ribbons.”


Gadot next stars in spy action thriller Heart Of Stone opposite Jamie Dornan. The film is released August 11 on Netflix.