(G)I-DLE preview title track ‘Nxde’ and B-sides from forthcoming record ‘I Love’

K-pop girl group (G)I-DLE have shared snippets of five tracks from their upcoming record ‘I Love’.

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On October 10, the five-member act unveiled an “audio snippet” video via their official YouTube channel, which included five of six tracks on their forthcoming release ‘I Love’ including its title track ‘Nxde’. The record, which will mark (G)I-DLE’s fifth mini-album arrives on October 17 at 6PM KST.

The snippet of ‘Nxde’ features a jazzy instrumental, alongside whispered vocalisations by the girl group. Leader, rapper and producer Soyeon, co-composed the track and contributed to its lyrics, as well those of the remaining songs on ‘I Love’.


However, ‘I Love’ is the first (G)I-DLE record where the majority of songs were not composed by Soyeon. The rapper co-composed one other track ‘Love’, while vocalists Minnie and Yuqi worked on ‘Change’ and ‘조각품’ (‘Sculpture’) as well as ‘Reset’ and ‘DARK (X-File)’ respectively.

The only track that was not previewed in the clip was ‘DARK (X-File)’. The song will be unveiled early through a special video on October 12, much like ‘My Bag’ from their debut studio album ‘I Never Die’, which was released days before the record and its lead single ‘Tomboy’ arrived.

In a four-star review of that record, NME’s Tanu I. Raj praised the “climactic” track, writing: “With all members rapping against an instrumental inspired by classic hip-hop, ‘My Bag’ is bombastic and proud, but dang is it a good look on (G)I-DLE.”

(G)I-DLE also recently wrapped up their ‘Just Me ( )I-DLE’ world tour with its final show in Singapore, after successfully completing a series of concerts in the Americas, Japan and Southeast Asia.

The tracklist of (G)I-DLE’s ‘I Love’ mini-album is:

1. ‘Nxde’
2. ‘Love’
3. ‘Change’
4. ‘Reset’
5. ‘조각품’
6. ‘DARK (X-File)’