Giselle Niemand ’s “Lovers Do” Hits Online Charts Breaking All Conventions

Exceptionally talented South African artist, Giselle Niemand, shares her debut international single, “Lovers Do.” This remarkable release, crafted under the guidance of Emmanuel “Manny” Mijares, a renowned songwriter and film executive producer with a string of platinum records, unveils the boundless potential of this rising star. At the tender age of 13, she has already captivated the industry as a singer, model, actress, and dancer, leaving an indelible mark wherever she goes.

With her vocal prowess on full display, Giselle Niemand delivers a powerful performance, singing: “Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If I say I want it too/ Wanna do what friends don’t do/ What Lovers do/ Hey you/ What you gonna do/ If you don’t I’ll make that move/ Thinking me and you should do/ What Lovers do.” She expresses the true nature of passion that goes beyond boundaries and breaks conventions, fearlessly conveying the message of defying expectations in the pursuit of love and dreams.

An impressive portrayal of the thrilling and uncertain nature of love’s discovery, the song encapsulates a whirlwind of emotions. Giselle’s lyrics vividly illustrate the intense connection between two people, evoking a rush of exhilaration. Vulnerability shines through as she openly acknowledges her nervousness. Driven by curiosity, she is drawn to the mysterious depths of hidden desires, anticipating the revelation of an extraordinary connection waiting to be unleashed.

After its stunning debut at New York Fashion Week, the song quickly gained popularity, shooting up the online charts. Niemand, being the ambitious artist she is, is already getting ready to release her new single “Later” this summer. Building upon the vibrant and fun-loving visuals of “Lovers Do,” skillfully directed by Manny Mijares, viewers can anticipate yet another enthralling journey that will leave them spellbound.

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