GOT7’s JAY B announces sophomore EP ‘Be Yourself’

GOT7 leader and soloist JAY B has announced that his second EP ‘Be Yourself’ will be released in September.

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Earlier today (August 29), the singer’s new agency CDNZA Records tweeted a new teaser video announcing JAY B’s forthcoming release on September 21 at 6PM KST. This 10-second clip features a screen-recording of an iPhone, revealing the release date for ‘Be Yourself’ through its calendar app.

According to the calendar’s markings, it appears that JAY B will also reveal additional teasers for this project on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in September leading up to the release.


The announcement of ‘Be Yourself’ comes just a week after JAY B released his latest digital single ‘Rocking Chair’, which was his first release under CDNZA Records. The singer signed with the new agency back in July shortly after his departure from H1GHR MUSIC.

JAY B’s upcoming project marks his second solo EP in his career, after his debut effort ‘SOMO:FUME’ which dropped last August. That record spawned several singles, including his official solo debut single ‘Switch It Up’ and ‘B.T.W’.

“After releasing ‘SOMO:FUME,’ I wanted to feature on various songs and release another album. But production wasn’t working out that well,” the singer told Vogue Korea in a recent interview, adding that he did not feel “satisfied” with his musical output at the time.

In a three-star review of the record, NME’s Sofiana Ramli wrote: “After being relieved from JYP Entertainment’s shackles to pursue creative freedom, you would expect the singer to use the opportunity of having a plethora of new producers and collaborators at his feet to experiment greatly, but the end result is neutral and safe.”