Grimes: “Taylor Swift is the only presidential candidate who can unite the country”

Grimes has said she thinks Taylor Swift would be the only person who could bring people together in the US if she were ever elected president.

With just over a year to go till the next presidential election, discussion on the internet has turned to who the ideal candidate to move into the White House could be. As it stands, current president Joe Biden is set to enter the running for a second term, while Donald Trump will also be running again.

Grimes has suggested in a series of tweets that Swift could be a good option. Replying to a previous tweet which argued that Swift “could course correct society and fix carbon emissions in 10 years”, she wrote: “In many ways Taylor Swift is the only presidential candidate who can unite the country,” before adding that “Trump v Swift is totally occurring in a parallel universe rn”.


In response to a user who said it was “actually not a bad idea, don’t know how good it would be for her mental health though”, Grimes replied: “It’s probably exceptionally unadvisable. It just probably would work.”

Coincidentally, The View‘s Alyssa Farah Griffin, a former communications staffer of Trump, said earlier this month that Swift is the only person who could defeat him.

“To be honest, if Donald Trump looks like he’s gonna win, she’s just gonna need to get in the race and defeat him once and for all, because she’s probably the only person who can,” she said. “This ends in one way; we are all Taylor Swift fans.”

Meanwhile, Grimes is reportedly suing her ex-partnerElon Musk, over custody rights to their youngest child, Techno Mechanicus.

The artist, real name Claire Boucher, filed a “petition to establish parental relationship” last Friday, according to TMZ, and is claiming that Musk isn’t letting her visit him. Musk is yet to respond.