Han Ji-min says she “wasn’t sure how viewers would react” to ‘Behind Your Touch’

South Korean actress Han Ji-min has spoken about her “concerns and nervousness” about her latest K-drama series, Behind Your Touch.

Behind Your Touch is a comedy K-drama that stars Han Ji-min as a nosy small-town veterinarian Bong Ye-boon, who suddenly gains psychometric abilities to see into the past of other living creatures. The series finale aired on October 1.

In a new interview with MBC, the actress opened up about how she had “concerns and nervousness” about the K-drama, saying that it was the first time she acted in a show that “mixed comedy and thriller [elements]”.


“I wasn’t sure how viewers would react, especially since comedy is a matter of personal taste,” Han Ji-min said, as translated by MyDramaList. “After it started airing, many people told me they found it enjoyable, and the suspenseful aspects made them curious about who the culprit might be, so I was grateful.”

The actress also touched on what it was like working with director Kim Seok-yoon again. The duo had previously collaborated on the 2019 series The Light in Your Eyes and the 2011 film Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow.

“We could quickly grasp each other’s intentions when discussing the script, acting direction and character development,” Han Ji-min said. “I had so much trust in the director that even if I had shortcomings, I believed he would fill those gaps, allowing me to focus solely on acting.”

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