HAYZ: The Rising Star Elevating Northern BC’s Music Scene With “Trippin Over You”

Emerging from the scenic realms of Prince George, Northern British Columbia, the artist known as HAYZ is capturing hearts and charts with his latest hit single, “Trippin Over You.” This track is an artistic narrative woven through the complexities of love and lust. 

In an intimate revelation, HAYZ shares that the song’s genesis lies in the intricate dance of relationships that have impacted his creative and personal journey. With a mix of a lustful chorus and verses that echo a yearning for deeper connection, “Trippin Over You” is a musical embodiment of the emotional tug-of-war found in intense relationships.

The song’s emotional depth is further amplified in its music video. Directed by the visionary Boota, the video features HAYZ and a mesmerizing female dancer, symbolizing a mutual expression of attraction – his through sound, hers through movement. 

This collaboration brings to life the song’s lyrical essence, showcasing HAYZ’s commitment to bridging auditory and visual storytelling. The evocative camera work in the video captures the raw emotions of the song, making it a vivid extension of his artistic expression.

Watch the music video for “Trippin Over You” here: