Hear Peter Gabriel’s new single, “This Is Home”

Peter Gabriel has released a new track, “This Is Home“. The Dark-Side Mix coincides with this month’s full moon.

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“This Is Home” is the tenth track from his upcoming album, i/o.


Written and produced by Peter Gabriel, the track is, he says, ‘a love song.’

“It began with inspiration from some of the great Tamla Motown rhythm sections so we’re trying to recreate that in a modern way, complete with the tambourine and handclaps. The groove I like a lot, Tony Levin does a great bass part there.

“I did an unusual thing for me in that I tried doing this low voice / high voice thing, so you get this almost conversational voice at the beginning and the second part is a higher, more emotional voice. I thought that would be both intimate and emotive to put the two side by side.”


This Is Home comes with differing mix approaches from Tchad Blake (Dark-Side Mix), released on September 29, and also Mark ‘Spike’ Stent (Bright-Side Mix) and Hans-Martin Buff’s Atmos mix (In-Side Mix), released in mid-October on the next new moon.