‘Heroes’ is reportedly getting a reboot series ‘Heroes: Eclipsed’

The popular US television series Heroes is reportedly set for a new reboot series, Heroes: Eclipsed.

The new incarnation of the show will be written by original Heroes creator Tim Kring, and will be set years after the events of the original series, according to Deadline.

Heroes originally ran for four seasons on NBC from 2006 to 2010, and told the stories of ordinary people who discover that they have supernatural abilities and who are required to work together to prevent catastrophic dangers.

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It starred actors including Hayden Panettiere, Santiago Cabrera, Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia, Kristen Bell and Zachary Quinto, and picked up Golden Globe, Emmy and BAFTA awards.

Heroes: Eclipsed, meanwhile, is set to feature a new set of characters who represent the latest step of human evolution and is set to also include familiar villains alongside new enemies.

A limited sequel series Heroes Reborn was aired in 2015, which was also helmed by Kring. Like Eclipsed, Reborn was also set years after the original show and introduced a host of new characters.


Deadline report that Heroes: Eclipsed is currently being pitched to buyers now, including original platform NBC, as well as the leading streaming services. Universal Studio Group is reported to be the studio hosting the new show, having also presided over the previous incarnations.

No cast members have been yet confirmed for Heroes: Eclipsed.

In 2015, Kring discussed the possibility of expanding the Heroes universe further in the future, saying: “I’ve always felt that the brand was elastic enough and a broad enough premise. It’s a show about ordinary people with extraordinary powers. It’s an indeterminate [amount of] people around the world and then they have to save the world. I feel confident that we can find more story to tell with some returning characters and new ones.”