High-Caliber Producer DUNGEONMUSIC Drops New Album Summertime With Friends 2

Naturally-born musician DUNGEONMUSIC is on it again as the masterful producer releases another full-length album called Summertime With Friends 2. The American artist made sure to both instill his authentic style and managed to add new elements and sounds to his game and the result might just be his best work so far. 

DUNGEONMUSIC gets the best out of his collaborators, however, each collaboration sounds different than the next, with each artist displaying their own capacity and style. But the American artist somehow achieves a balanced theme throughout the album, resulting in a mellow summer-chill beats that breathe life into the features’ vocals. 

Before dropping Summertime With Friends 2, fans were already excited about two tracks off the album; “Faith in Me” with Griff Tyler and “Fien’n” with the talented Stockton siblings Dyli and CALYN. These flagship songs are brilliantly mixed and produced, and each conveys a unique story worth hearing! 

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