Introducing Ultimate Record Collection: Taylor Swift

As her Eras tour lands in the United Kingdom, we’d like to welcome you to the Ultimate Record Collection: Taylor Swift. If you can’t find any in the shops, you can get yours here.

The incredible albums. The game-changing singles. We’ve reviewed them all to bring you a definitive guide to the music of Taylor Swift. Alongside, we’ve told the story of her journey from aspiring Nashville singer-songwriter to global pop phenomenon, unpacking the easter eggs, profiling the characters, and creating the definitive timeline as we go. 

But that’s not all. Our people have been on the ground to report back on how Taylor has brought all this music to her audience at key moments on the Eras tour. We’ve reviewed Taylor on film, as she’s travelled from breaking records in front of the camera to writing and directing behind it. We’ve also located an classic interview conducted in the record-breaking first week of 1989’s release, a week of massive sales with which Taylor, not for the first time, proved her doubters wrong. 


And has all this acclaim changed her day-to-day life?

“The only places I can’t really go are huge carnival-type things…” she says, “…where there could be some sort of stampede.” 

Enjoy the magazine. And if you’re going to the shows…have a great time!


John Robinson, Editor