Is ‘Black Mirror’ season seven in the works?

After four years away, Black Mirror returned with five new episodes in 2023.

Created by Charlie Brooker, the dystopian anthology series is known for its satirical swipes at society’s relationship with technology. The show originally began on Channel 4 in 2011, before shifting over to Netflix from season three onwards in 2016.

The show’s sixth season, which starred Aaron Paul, Zazie Beetz and Salma Hayek Pinault, was described as “the most unpredictable, unclassifiable and unexpected yet,” per a synopsis. All five episodes were released on June 15.

Has Black Mirror season 7 been announced?


Netflix has yet to confirm whether Black Mirror will return for a seventh season. After topping the Netflix charts with the sixth season however, and the mostly positive reception from critics, it looks likely that the show will return in some capacity.

Black Mirror episode Joan Is Awful
Annie Murphy in ‘Black Mirror’ episode ‘Joan Is Awful’. CREDIT: Netflix

What has Charlie Brooker said about a potential season 7?

In an interview with Digital Spy for the sixth season, Brooker teased the possibility of an animated or musical episode in the show’s future.

“I’ve never done an animated episode or a musical episode,” Brooker said. “Actually, weirdly, USS Callister started life – because I was thinking of a story to do with a musical, and it somehow became USS Callister. So sometimes you’re aiming for one thing, and you veer off somewhere else.

“Again, all bets are off, because, again, in this season, we’ve got some that are almost old-school horror, and we’ve got some that are retro-futuristic, and we’ve got ones that are out-and-out comedy. So it’s a right mix. So I don’t know. Anything. Bloody anything!”

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